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Nipissing Township Museum
Nipissing Township MuseumNipissing Township MuseumNipissing Township Museum
Nipissing Township Museum
Nipissing Township Museum
Hwy 654
Nipissing, Ontario  P0H 1W0

Tel: 705-724-2938 (summer/été)

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New Building

This beautiful new building is housing displays of some of the larger items that were previously crowded into the Museum building. Some of the displays include: Farming, Lumbering, Native, Marine, a Blacksmith shop including a forge and a trapper cabin.

Museum Building

The Museum building was originally a Methodist Church, erected in 1882. It served the congregation only two years, then remained idle until it was purchased by the Anglican Church in 1901 for $75.00. They used it up until 1965, after which time it went through a period of 10 years unused. When the Museum Board was formed in 1975, they purchased the building.

The "Church Corner"

The "Church Corner" contains many religious antiques including the Heinzman organ shown here. Every year it is played on Heritage Day to accompany a Hymn Sing. Also pictured is a handmade rocking chair which belonged to Granny Busch, a local well-known lady who lived to the age of 101.

The Bench

The bench shown here came from the lobby of the last hotel in the Village, called the Nipissing Hotel.

The Museum Auxiliary Building

The Museum Auxiliary Building, built around 1990, provides office space, kitchen, washroom, storage and display area.

Commemorative Plaque

In 1975 when the Museum was formed, this plaque was erected by the Archeological and Historical Sites Board of the Ministry of Colleges & Universities to commemorate the Rosseau-Nipissing Rd.

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