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Mississagi Lighthouse Heritage Park
Mississagi Lighthouse Heritage ParkMississagi Lighthouse Heritage ParkMississagi Lighthouse Heritage Park
Mississagi Lighthouse Heritage Park
Mississagi Lighthouse Heritage Park
c/o M. Eadie or K. Tremblay, Box 77, Webbwood, ON
Manitoulin Island, Ontario  P0P 2G0


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May 18-September 3 (8 AM to 8 PM) every day

The Mississagi Lighthouse was established as a lighthouse and fog station in 1873. Three hundred years ago Lassalle’s ship the “Griffon” went missing in Lake Huron. It is believed the ship was wrecked on this site and the crew perished in caves along the shore.

In 1915, the supply ship “Burlington” burned at dock. The site is now a divers dream, 25 ft. from the shoreline. It is also a painters and photographers paradise with its unique flora and ample fauna.

Come and enjoy this quiet isolation of lighthouse living. Marvel at the deep waters of the straits travelled by the early explorers and fur traders. Explore some of our own history.

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