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The Marten River Prov. Park Logging Camp & Museum
The Marten River Prov. Park Logging Camp & MuseumThe Marten River Prov. Park Logging Camp & MuseumThe Marten River Prov. Park Logging Camp & Museum
The Marten River Prov. Park Logging Camp & Museum
The Marten River Prov. Park Logging Camp & Museum
Marten River Provincial Park
Marten River, Ontario  P0H 1T0

Tel: 705-892-2200
Fax: (705) 892-2147

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Lumberjack Day

Peterborough's Freshwater Trade regales Lumberjack Day visitors with old-time logging songs. The building in the background is the Logging Camp's cookery which houses an authentic cast-iron cook stove, dishes, pots and pans used in a camp much like this one during the early 1900s.

Logger's Lunch

A local volunteer heats up many pots of beans in the camp's cookery for sale during the annual Logger's Lunch held on Lumberjack Day each July. Lumberjack Day is always held on a Saturday, followed by a Sunday morning pancake breakfast at the cookery.

The Bunkhouse

A tour group leaves the bunkhouse after learning what a lumberjack's day was like: up at 5:45 a.m., breakfast at 6 a.m., then out in the bush from dawn until dusk six days a week, fair weather and foul, falling the area's massive pines.

Logging Camp's Stable

The Logging Camp's stable housed the horses that supplied the power in the logging camps. They were usually the big work breeds such as Belgians or Percherons, weighing 725 kg or more.

Barney the Blacksmith

Barney the Blacksmith is usually on hand for Lumberjack Day, firing up the old-time forge to fashion horseshoes and other implements that were used by the lumberjacks of yesteryear.

Replica Pointer Boat

This replica pointer boat plies the waters of Marten River every Lumberjack Day weekend, giving visitors to the park a taste of what it was like to ride in these boats used by lumberjacks to "herd" thousands of logs downriver to the nearest sawmill. A second pointer boat is on permanent display at the Logging Camp.

Crosscut Sawing Competitions

Crosscut sawing competitions are just one of the many activities held on Lumberjack Day. A number of crosscut saws and bow saws are on display at the camp's museum along with an assortment of other tools used daily by early lumberjacks.

"The Winter Camp"

"The Winter Camp" was filmed at the replica Logging Camp in 1985 and details the arduous work performed by depression-era loggers. The film, shown with every Logging Camp guided tour, mixes drama and humor to tell the story of the lumberjacks.

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